Tubular Motors

RoseSun Tubular Motors – What’s under the hood?

tubular motor imageAt RoseSun Motors we take pride in understanding what makes things tick. For motorized window coverings, the keyword is tubular motors.

Throughout RoseSun’s history, we have helped our customers attain the motorized window treatments they have always envisioned. From an operational standpoint, the motor configuration for each window array is of utmost importance. The trick is in knowing which motor not only operates the type of blind, shade, drapery, or screen a homeowner wants – but also – which  works best for a specific application.  Some tubular motors, for example, aren’t suitable for adjoined or parallel arrangements. Thus, our team spends a great deal of time ensuring that we choose the appropriate motor(s) for your window arrangement.

The first thing we consider is whether it is more desirable to utilize a tubular motor with AC or DC power. The second thing that we will likely determine is which size to use. Tubular motors range in size from 25mm in diameter to much larger – garage roller door motors, for example, may be as large as 92 mm.

Size matters, insofar as not all materials are the same weight. As far as aesthetics go, tubular motors are tucked inside an attractive casing, or recessed into existing window casements and always look neat and tidy.

Motorized Blind Motors

tubular motor for roller blindsRoller blinds may be the most versatile of all window coverings. For one thing, they incorporate a nearly limitless array of materials. Translucent fabrics help alleviate the sun’s glare, while still permitting us to enjoy the view from our architectural window. Block-out panels promote complete privacy. Artful materials incorporate a decorative flare.  Motorized roller blind motors range in size from 25mm to 45 mm in diameter, and can be adapted to perform single window panel operations or entire window-wall mobilizations.

Motorized Blinds for Very Small Windows

roller blindsRoller blinds are not generally very heavy, so the largest tubular motor in this category is 45 mm. Nonetheless, when motorized roller blinds are used for a series of small windows, we turn to the “short” and “short-short tubular motor.

Venetian Blind  Tubular Motors

VENETIAN blinds with tubular motorVenetian Blinds are a standard in many homes and apartments. Who knew that they could be motorized? Yet, with the addition of an appropriately sized tubular motor, nothing could be simpler. Assisted Living Centers have learned the value of motorized venetian blinds, and now you can too.

Awning Motors

motorized awning motorAwnings present a special challenge to homeowners. Although they keep our homes cooler when left open during the day, windstorms can severely damage them. Fortunately, motorized awnings can be set to work with either wind sensors or timers, making them nearly worry free. Awnings are heavy, so tubular motors for awnings are workhorses. In addition, most awning motors have built-in tension regulators that are designed to keep the heavy fabrics taut during operation. This safe-gap measure helps protect awning materials from wrinkling, bunching, or jamming. Tubular awning motors are available in a variety of sizes to accommodate the huge array of awning sizes available today.

Roller Shutter Motors

Tubular roller shutter motorRoller shutters are extremely popular, and motorized roller shutters are care free. Roller shutters can cover oversized windows and garage doors, as well as petite windows meant for adornment. They come in every material imaginable – from metals to bamboo, or plastics to art prints. Understandably, tubular motors for roller shutters come in a wide assortment of sizes, to accommodate the weight of each material.

Motorized Roller Doors

roller garage with tubular motorRoller Doors are most commonly used for motorized garage doors. Other popular uses include storage doors and warehouse doors. Motorizing roller doors improves stability by ensuring that equal pressure is exerted on the tracking system. This means that the door stays flush in its frame and is far less likely to jam. Tubular motors for roller doors are likely to be 59mm to 92mm in diameter. These specialized motors are often built for continuous running and designed for durability.

Motorized Curtain Motors

motorized-curtiansThe truly amazing thing about motorized curtains is that they are fully functional. Previously, floor-to-ceiling draperies remained fixed and motionless. With motorization, curtains and drapes are once again operable – no matter what size window they are adorning. When looking for the appropriate tubular motor for draperies and curtains, RoseSun not only determines the weight, but the height and width of the covering. Since full-length curtains are commonly the heaviest motorized window treatment we install, we may opt for parallel motors at each side of the window. We also choose motors that have stop-gap measures built in. This ensures that, should something obstruct the tract, they will not push past that point and ruin expensive draperies.

Control – That’s What it’s all About!

One of the things that makes motorized blinds, screens, and shades so appealing is the amount of control you have. RoseSun always considers your desires when introducing you to our remote control systems, wall controls, or timers and external sensors. Whether you are operating a single shade, or multiple window coverings, we have the perfect device for you.

Remote control operation puts motorized window control at your fingertips. Not only can you adjust your room’s ambiance while sitting; with some models, you can even set your motorized window coverings to open and close at specific times.

Wall controls make motorized operation as easy as turning on a light switch. Choose from simple touch-button operation, or install a wall switch with a built-in timer and clock.

External sensors are extremely helpful. They monitor wind and sun conditions and adjust your blinds and awnings accordingly. Nothing could be easier. Sensors work according to criteria you set. Since they measure temperature, gamma (brightness), and wind, you can rest assured that your awnings won’t suffer wind damage or that your motorized blinds and shades will close when the sun becomes too intense.

Timers are an efficient way to save on energy costs. Because they automatically close your motorized window coverings at specific times, your house remains comfortable and your air conditioner doesn’t have to work as hard. Conversely, during winter, ambient heat can be amplified through north facing windows; then closed against the wind when the sun’s rays wane. This option is truly an effective way to save on heating costs.

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